louise at 18 months

Today this sweet little thing is 18 months old.

Current happenings : wakes up every morning around 6:30/7, usually we first hear a giggle then 'MOM! MOM! MOMMM! MAMA MAMA MOMMMMMY!' and once in awhile (like this morning!) she yells for 'DADDDDDYY! DADDY DADDDDDY!' Goes to bed easy around 8 pm. Repeats almost any word or short phrase (except 'thank you' which she just repeats in a humming sound!), talks ALL the time but hard to understand most of the chatting, loves going outside to open up and close the chicken coop door. Takes a solid 2-3 hour nap everyday around noon. Can ask her to move her eyebrows and she'll give you all the face expressions right away - it's so great. The child is full of all the feelings and expressions, I love it!

Favorite things : mom is #1 to her (which melts my heart daily). She loves dad too of course but is glued to mama. All the food! She always eats whatever are eating, and then some. (including last nights mussels and asparagus!) Eggs, avocados, applesauce, blueberries, oatmeal, carrots, SO MUCH NUT BUTTER which she eats by the spoonful! Also loves some ice cream but be prepared for a tragic meltdown when it's time to put it away. And OH what would we do these days without Daniel the Tiger? Lou literally belly laughs when we turn it on. Climbs into the bike burley lately which makes us so happy that she loves it that much!

Loves to be chased around and surprised, thinks it's hilarious when she hides behind the curtains and then pops out to surprise us, and she laughs the hardest when dad does this darling thing we call STEAMROLLLLLLER! Used to love bath time to go on as long as possible but lately will flip the drain herself to signal that she's over it and wants out! Will sign language for 'more.' Adores her chickens and when we open their door in the morning she lights up and goes 'HIIIII!' then in the evening 'NIGHT NIGHT!'

Dislikes : getting her face wiped after meals (so sometimes I don't even fight it!), long stroller walks (will throw some epic back arches when she doesn't want to be put in the stroller). The car seat can be hit or miss - sometimes it's no big deal and sometimes she lets us know she HATES it. Will not let me put her hair in a ponytail - doesn't want anyone messing with her hair at all. She's had 2 haircuts so far and both resulted in epic meltdowns!

1.5 years old is such a sweet spot in age - I wish I could freeze time right now and keep her like this forever. What a perfect time in life to have extra quality time at home with my girl while she's changing so much every day.

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