home makeover

Since buying a new home a couple weeks ago, we dove straight into selling mode of our current home. We were so thrilled when the very first person to come through to check out our home decided to buy it! Now that we're starting to prepare for a move, I'm getting a little sentimental about our current home. The first memory of it is Pete calling me while I was in Las Vegas for work saying 'I hope you trust me a lot...because I just bought us a home!' (We had only been casually looking - and while not everyone would love for their person to buy a home without them seeing it first, I was so excited and happy!) From getting ready for our wedding here to finding out we were pregnant with Louise and bringing her home, we've made a lot of memories in this place that I'll always love to look back on.

Prepping to leave here has me looking back on all the love and work we put into making this house our home. We never did any major renovation work, other than adding a half bath to the main floor, but we did do pretty much a head to toe 'facelift' - with paint, refinishing floors, painting cabinets, removing kitchen tile, changing light fixtures and hardware, countertops, scraping popcorn ceilings and more.

Our next home will be getting a little more than just a facelift, as we are excited to do some renovations and really make it work for us. It's an exciting feeling to know our next home is just perfect for us and we can't wait to make it ours.

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