doing things

For awhile now, this blog has been one second away from being deleted, in its entirety. I haven't made the time for it in so long, which is funny considering how much time I used to spend working on it. The last few years the blog world started to feel so crowded and overwhelming, and was anyone even reading blogs anymore? I felt uninspired by it all and instead of being a creative outlet it started to feel like a chore and waste of time. Looking back on the last few years, I wish I'd taken a moment to better document things just for myself - to have a visual diary with fun little memories of being pregnant, Louise's birth story, home projects, recipe testing, baby milestones, traveling everywhere with Lou, and more!

Thanks to some extra time at home these days and the lack of connection I usually get from seeing my girlfriends and family - I'm dipping my toe back into this little space. I want to recap travels while they're still fresh in my mind, share some things I love that I'd usually just tell my friends about, and thanks to an exciting last week - we bought a new (very old!) home - and I want to share the process of renovating because what's more satisfying than a great before + after story?

As for our current life in quarantine, a few good ways we've spent some of this extra time at home so far : I started organizing my 13k+ iPhone pics (my process : going through them one month at a time until I'm caught up to now!), updating Louise's baby book (I use this Promptly journal), cleaning out kitchen cabinets, closets, the garage and the basement, I emptied out my overflowing email inboxes, deep cleaned my car, made some recipes I pinned on Pinterest forever ago (these cookies turned out SO GOOD, also made pasta and focaccia from scratch), enjoyed picnics on our back deck, Pete started seedlings for our future veggie garden, and I have a running list of more things I'd like to tackle!

I love asking others what's on your list right now of things to do + try + learn + take care of while being stuck at home? While keeping up with my social media clients and chasing around my busy toddler doesn't allow for being super productive every day, it's felt good to have a list to reference whenever I have a spare moment, while balancing it with relaxing + watching some good shows and enjoying some slow lazy days in our jammies.

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