a peek into our new home

It's a super weird time to buy a home, no doubt about that. We had been house hunting on and off for the last 6 months, when our realtor told us about this home, which she seemed to know would be just perfect for us. From the time she texted us about it, just a few hours later we loaded up Louise in the hiking pack (how else are you supposed to keep a toddler from running around/touching everything and you can't have a babysitter AND you're worried the house will be scooped up by someone else ASAP!?), loaded up on Purell, and checked it out. A few hours after that we put in an offer, and by the time we were drinking our coffee the next morning we got word they accepted! 2.5 weeks later we closed and now...

We got the keys to our new home last week and have been enjoying lots of time there already even though we won't be moving in for a couple months. This backyard view is what sold us on the home, but also it has great bones which has made us love the whole thing even more.

Just a few nights ago we learned some interesting background - we are only the 3rd owners of this 1938 home! The builder of the home built it for himself, and lived there for 60+ years until it was sold to the family we bought it from, who lived there for about 20 some years. Isn't that wild? I think of the previous home owners often and hope they know this home is already so loved, and we feel incredibly excited and grateful to make it our home for many years to come.

We wasted no time digging right in to quite literally peel back a few layers to reveal some of the beautiful features that were hiding in the home. From pulling up the carpet to all the wallpaper to tapping into the drywall above the fireplace to find the most gorgeous original brick, it was a whirlwind first few days of simple but dramatic looking changes. All of these pics were snapped the day we closed...progress pics to come later.

Back to the wallpaper...there was a lot of it. I'm not a wallpaper hater by any means, and the various prints in each room in our new home were really quite charming. Whenever I see wallpaper in a friends home or in a magazine I always think I should try a little bit somewhere in my home. But I always go back to loving a clean white painted wall, and bringing in color and pattern with art, accessories, and furniture. So we had it all taken down, every last strip.

I can't wait for our family to move in here, and make it our home. We couldn't be more excited to have found this gem and will do our best to honor its history while putting our own stamp on this special place.

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