steamboat springs, colorado

Our little getaway this last weekend to Steamboat Springs was just what I didn't know we needed. It's easy to let the weeks and weekends at home get away from us as we stay busy with various things, so this was just the ticket to remind us how important it is to have some time with just the 3 of us. We spent the first few days hiking (luckily Louise loves being in this Osprey hiking pack and will relax in it enough to fall asleep when tired!), we checked out Strawberry Park Hot Springs, ate at some good restaurants, visited the Steamboat farmers market, and all 3 of us enjoyed some very early bedtimes which made us feel wonderful.

My favorite day involved a morning visit to the farmers market where we loaded up on fresh peaches and sandwiches followed by a scenic drive out to Mount Zirkel where we hiked about 8 miles and took a rest around Gilpin Lake. On the way home we stopped at Clark Store to see if we could grab a little bite and were so happy to find the yummiest pizza truck parked there for the day. We grabbed a couple pizzas, picked out a bottle of wine, and sat outside to relax after our big hike.

Other highlights from the trip : We overlapped vacations with my in-laws which was fun to have a day together checking out some fly fishing spots, enjoying a super yummy lunch in town at Creekside Cafe (finished off with some insanely large delicious chocolate chip cookies from Smell That Bread Bakery), and enjoyed the evening on the Yampa with some margs + White Russians at some fun spots along the river. We also spotted a bull moose one day after a hike and it felt like seeing a unicorn - it was so magical and majestic to see! A very memorable highlight : Louise suddenly out of nowhere saying 'DA DA!' clear as day! Once she started saying it she couldn't stop and everyone, everywhere we went heard her proudly repeating it over and over.

One of the most helpful baby things we did this trip was order a crib rental ahead of time from Baby's Away. I used them in Charleston as well and it's so nice when out of town for more than a few days to have Louise sleep in a regular crib vs a pack and play. They rent everything you could possibly need for baby while traveling and will deliver + set it all up for you. So nice and wish I would have known about them earlier in our travels! Lou is crawling all over and pulling herself up onto everything these days - she crawled around outside a lot on this trip and between the dirt + all the food she eats she was always a mess by the end of the day. It was nice to put her to sleep in a clean, regular crib like she's used to at home to get some good rest.

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