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  • Kiley Cutler

kitchen : before + after

When we first bought our house a year and a half ago, the first thing I wanted to do was update the paint through the entire first floor. The kitchen was a muted turquoise, the living room was a mix of sage green and maroon, and the back family room area was a hunter green. I wanted everything white. Not cream, not pale gray, matte white white. It instantly brightened up the entire house and I still love our white walls every single day.

kitchen : before

The next change was to update some features in our kitchen, without doing a full renovation. We pulled the wood floor that was across the first floor into the kitchen, which originally had tile, changed out all the hardware to more streamlined, modern cabinet pulls, ripped out the linoleum countertops to install quartz, and put in a single basin stainless sink with an arc pulldown faucet.

kitchen : after

I loved all the updates - and for as much time as I spend in our kitchen I really appreciated all the little changes, but a few months ago we made one more big update that provided the biggest visual change. I wasn't thrilled about the cherry cabinets - both in color as well as the dated molding that ran along the top. I debated doing all white cabinets but I was pulled to the darker painted ones as well, and when I saw a few pictures of a 'tuxedo kitchen' - I knew it was the perfect way to enjoy both. White cabinets on top, darker cabinets on the bottom. (and I'm always looking to add bright little bursts of color, but I also love a clean countertop with minimal clutter - unless we use it almost every day, it's not going to have a spot on the counter!)

Along with the paint update we pulled off the entire top piece that ran along over the sink, which opened the room up and allowed for installation of a light fixture above the window.

kitchen : before

kitchen : after

All of the kitchen updates didn't happen overnight, but slowly it came together and is now a happy, bright, light-filled place I love to be in.

*It's extra nice to have a husband who is a homebuilder / home renovation expert. All work was completed by Capital Homes.

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