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A few new goodies I've picked up recently and loved (all products except the floss can be found locally in Des Moines at Eden but I've linked to everything as well!)

1. malin + goetz resurfacing glycolic pads : these little presoaked pads exfoliate my skin when I need something a little tougher than a washcloth scrub. I use them about 2x / week or when my skin is feeling like it needs a little extra deep exfoliating.

2. rose is a rose face glow mask : this is a dry salt-like mix that you can combine with a liquid for another exfoliating face treat. I like to mix mine with honey (thanks to Josh at Eden for this smart rec!) Honey is a natural moisturizer so it make the mask extra helpful with both adding moisture + freshening up my skin.

3. cocofloss : this isn't a new product I've started using, but it's so great I had to mention it. I actually signed up for a floss subscription with them years ago, and as a daily obsessive flosser, the yummy taste makes the routine a little more enjoyable. I love that I don't have to remember to buy more, and the cute packaging doesn't hurt.

4. davids premium natural toothpaste : i try to buy more natural toothpaste, and often purchase dr. bronners brand, but this pretty box caught my eye and i had to try it out. i love the taste and that it's a naturally made brand that still pulls its weight in doing all the things you want a regular toothpaste to do.

5. carbon 6 lab natural black toothpaste : after seeing charcoal teeth whitening things everywhere on instagram, when i saw this charcoal toothpaste that had probiotics in it i had to pick it up. i use this like i would a face mask or heavy exfoliator - just 1-2x/week. i like the way it tastes and for some reason it's fun to mix up my toothpaste once in awhile - although warning, it takes some extra sink rinsing to not leave any black spots behind!

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