staying healthy while traveling

Vacations are good for you for so many reasons - they can help you feel refreshed, unwind, relax, try and see new things, and connect with yourself or your favorite people. But it's easy to overdo it during a getaway - you're going out to eat and drinking more than usual, staying up later, exposing yourself to new germs, etc. I like to come home feeling better than I left, so here are a few things that help me stay healthy while traveling :

1. Amazing Grass - green superfood effervescent greens. This tiny tube holds 10 tablets that you can drop into a glass of water and it contains the nutritional antioxidants of a full serving of greens.

2. Evian face mist - I love to spritz this little mister on my face before and after a flight, or anytime my skin is feeling a little dry.

3. My own snacks - airports aren't the best at carrying healthy food, so I usually pack my own chow - it's especially easy to take anything that only requires hot water which you can easily get in any airport or during a flight. I like to take oatmeal, some Vital Proteins collagen packets, and lately I've been taking my own cutler kitchen snacks and some Four Sigmatic packets.

4. Tea bags - again, it's easy to get hot water while traveling and it helps to keep me drinking lots of water.

5. Chia and flax seeds - I like to have these on hand when traveling if I feel like I need a healthy boost - I can keep them in my purse and dump into any smoothie or the chia shots can be dumped right into a bottle of water to get some extra fiber. I picked these up at Whole Foods awhile back.

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