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I first discovered the Neat Method via instagram a few months back, and as someone who isn't naturally super organized but dreams of having a home where everything has a place, I found myself obsessing over their beautiful photos where everything was just where it should be. So when I found out that a Des Moines branch of the company had recently opened for business, I knew I needed to recruit some help for our home.

I decided that our bedroom closets were going to be the first to get Neat-ified. As a lover of clothes (and borderline collector of outerwear and festive sequin dresses), combined with our older home and the lack of closet space that comes with that, I knew I wasn't making the best use of the space we had.

The first step when having the Neat Method come to your house is to have a consultation. Sophie, who oversees the Des Moines Neat Method, came over and looked inside my closets and dressers, and asked a few questions so she could get to know me and my lifestyle better, such as what sort of clothes I wear on a daily basis. She took some notes, snapped some pics, then left to put together a scope of work or 'attack plan,' which she emailed over to me and it laid out in writing exactly what she would like to do to my closet, her goals and how she was going to accomplish it, along with her time estimate of how long she expected to take to do it.

Now before you go cringing at my 'before' pic below like I am - I have to admit that I had the sudden urge to organize things a bit before the organizer came over, because I was totally embarrassed she had to go through this mess! But for transparencies sake, I kept my closet untouched. Luckily - Sophie said she hears all the time that people say they want to straighten up before she comes over, but don't! This is her job, she's seen it all, and this is why you have a professional do it! She's not there to judge you on your closet, she's there to help!

The first thing that will happen when they come over is a complete emptying of your closet. This not only helps to get a fresh start, but Sophie explained if you just move things around without removing everything, you won't get the full picture of what all you have, and nothing will really change.

Next, she'll start to sort through everything and categorize. This is when it gets a bit chaotic, as it can almost be alarming to suddenly see everything you own! Sophie calmed me down, saying that things have to get worse before they get better when organizing your space. Luckily, she was not overwhelmed at all, and actually was completely excited and enthusiastic to start putting my closet back in order.

Finally, Sophie started putting things back into the space, but this time with a plan that made my closet both functional and beautiful. She sorted my clothing by category, then color, and decided to put my collection of fun dresses in a place where I could enjoy seeing them every single day.

When I came into my room for the big debut, I was so completely shocked / giddy / excited! I was immediately in awe of how she transformed my closet into feeling like a boutique, except I get to go shopping here every single day now. It actually felt like I had a whole new wardrobe. I now am happy every day to open up my closet to look at this view, and love now how it's been so easy to maintain this system, because everything has a place and I don't need to figure out where things go anymore! No more shoving things on top, squeezing clothes in, and forgetting about great pieces I own because they're lost in the mess.

On to my dressers : Sophie moved a few things from my closet to my dresser drawers, and vice versa. Her method made so much sense. Here are my sweatshirts - I love how the rolled up method now 'gives every shirt a chance' as Sophie explained. Stacking them didn't allow me to see everything I had, and I often would forget about things that were on the bottom.

Also my swimwear was previously a mess of items all jumbled together - I can now easily see what I have and can quickly pack for sunny vacations (not pictured : the drawer above this where my shorts / swim cover ups all now live).

Next up is maybe my favorite drawer to now open - my workout wear used to be all over the place, and it was impossible to open this drawer as everything was busting out. By getting rid of a few things I no longer wore, Sophie made this drawer a one stop shop for getting ready to work out - by moving my sports bras to this drawer I can quickly and easily grab a top / bottoms / sports bra and be ready to go.

Finally, my formerly bursting-at-the-seams tee drawer is now a pleasure to open as everything is filed away by color. I used to dread putting clean tees away as I never had enough space for them all, but this filing system way of organizing them makes it easy to put tees away as I can see everything I have in one glance.

A huge thanks again to Sophie with the Neat Method for whipping my closets and dressers into shape. Stay tuned for part 2 of this post, where Sophie came back to work her magic in our kitchen!

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