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During these cold frigid days, one of my favorite ways to warm up + ward off the winter bugs (flu / colds / etc!) is with a big delicious mug full of a warm, comforting drink packed with good-for-you ingredients. Here are 4 of my go-to's : (these are approx measurements - always go by what tastes good + feels right to you. Swap honey for organic maple syrup, use any kind of plant milk you like [almond, cashew, or my current favorite, pea protein milk from Ripple, which you can find at most grocery stores now], add or omit extra cinnamon, nutmeg, cacao, collagen, coconut butter or coconut oil, etc!)

1. superfood latte

This is my favorite way to start my days during the winter. It gives me a mix of caffeine, protein, and good fat that kick starts my morning and I look forward to getting out of bed just for this yummy drink. In a blender mix up:

-1 packet of Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee (yep, mushroom! read all about mushroom coffee here)

-1 scoop of Vital Proteins vanilla coconut water collagen

-1 cup hot water

-1 cup plant milk

-1 spoonful of coconut butter, which is different from coconut oil. Picture the difference of peanut oil vs peanut butter...coconut butter gives the drink a super creamy, thicker feel and tastes so delicious (I've been buying it from online health shop, Thrive Market)

-1 spoonful local honey, cacao (this is my favorite), and a sprinkle of nutmeg and cinnamon. If I want a little extra punch of nutrition I add in a half teaspoon of a Sun Potion adaptogen powder such as this one, which I buy locally at Eden.

2. matcha

This is another great morning drink for a little bit of caffeine + a whole lot of antioxidants. Matcha is a naturally bright green powder made from ground up green tea leaves, so instead of ingesting what normal tea leaves steep into hot water, you're consuming the entire leaf and therefore getting more a bigger punch of nutrition + benefits. I use a little bamboo whisk like this one to mix this together:

-1 cup warmed plant milk

-1/2 cup hot water

-1 t matcha powder (only buy a high quality, organic matcha powder as there are a lot of junk ones out there. I trust this brand and this one 100%)

-spoonful of honey

3. nutmeg chai

I like this to sip on this one in the evening, while reading a book in bed. It's a calming and relaxing way to end the day and tastes so yummy.

-one cup plant milk

-1 T honey

-1 cinnamon stick

-1 teeccino tea bag (it's a yummy nutmeg flavored tea with no caffeine)

-8 black whole peppercorns (like these)

-a few slices of fresh ginger

-dash of nutmeg + cloves

Simmer over low heat for 5 minutes, stir occasionally, strain into mug.

4. golden milk

I love to wind down with this turmeric packed drink in the evening as it's also caffeine free and is the perfect slightly sweet way to end the day before heading to bed. Turmeric is a super powerful antioxidant and is very anti-inflammatory, and there's endless benefits to consuming this brightly colored spice. There's so many great articles about the benefits of this bright yellow herb, here is one of them. For this drink I'll mix over the stove or in the blender:

-1 cup of warmed plant milk

-spoonful of honey

-1/2 t organic turmeric powder

-dash of freshly ground black pepper (it helps the turmeric get absorbed better!)

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