the best iced coffee

I've become very particular about my morning go-to caffeinated beverage - I like it to have the perfect amount of natural coffee flavor, be creamy without using dairy, and be a little sweet without using processed sugar or creamers. After months of playing around with different iced coffee variations at home I finally landed on my favorite, and now I'm completely addicted. I call it my 'high maintenance coffee' as I realize when naming off the list of things I throw in it, it doesn't sound too simple, but it really truly only takes a few minutes to whip up, is so full of healthy yummy things, and it just makes my mornings start on a good note!

In the blender :

*1 cup cold brew coffee (I like Chameleon Organic Cold Brew concentrate)

*1 cup coconut milk (I like Califa Farms because it has minimal ingredients and no carrageenan - an unnecessary thickener that can cause all sorts of negative side effects)

*1 scoop Vital Proteins coconut vanilla (Love this company and the way they are very transparent about how they get their protein - also love what the collagen does for my hair / skin / digestion)

*1 T cacao powder (I jokingly / seriously call cacao 'happy powder' because of all its brain boosting good side effects - I like this brand the best)

*1-2 T local honey (helps keep my allergy symptoms at bay!)

*A heavy sprinkle of organic cinnamon and nutmeg

*Handful of ice cubes (or for an extra pretty treat, make your own coffee ice cubes and pour the drink over the ice instead of mixing the cubes in!)

(Drinking it through a glass straw has also been a favorite thing lately - I found the locally at Kitchen Collage but if you're not in the area CB2 has them here).

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