life with chickens

About 3 weeks before our wedding this past June, four sweet girls came into our life and they have me wrapped around their prehistoric looking little talons. Since first hearing about 'backyard chickens' being a thing many years ago, I've always thought how fun it'd be to have some of my own. When the opportunity came up to adopt 4 gorgeous chickens from a kind neighbor, I jumped at the chance (and luckily my sweet husband kindly obliged). Another thing I jumped at - my incredible photographer friend Justin Meyer suggesting we take official portraits of the chicks!

We've been learning as we go all about how to care for these hilarious, friendly chickens, and it's been endlessly fascinating. I get a lot of questions about them - like do they lay eggs? (Yes - we get a total of 2-4 eggs every day, that range in color from a tan, to pale pink, to light blue, to brown with speckles) Do they have names? (Yes - Sophia is the all black one pictured above, Tilly is the light brown one pictured above, Stella is black with white spots all over, and Petunia is the rich golden tan one jumping for treats in the pics below. Are they a lot of work? (No - we unlock their coop every morning when we wake up and they run around our back yard all day long eating organic chicken feed and insects they find in our yard, then we lock them back up in the coop at night to protect them from predators).

Some things I didn't expect or know about before - they are SO sweet and friendly - they usually let me pick them up and do this funny little squatty thing to prepare themselves before I pick them up. They each have their own quirky little personality, and often spend hours just outside our backdoor looking inside at me. There is definitely a 'pecking order' and after watching them for a bit it was easy to tell who is at the top of the chain (that Sophia always gets first dibs at food and will peck at anyone that tries to prevent that) - and poor little Tilly always waits to eat or approach the food last.

Thanks to my friend and wedding photographer Justin Meyer for capturing our sweet chicks in our backyard!


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