my top 12 natural beauty products

As I've gradually made the transition to using exclusively 'clean' beauty products 99% of the time, I'm always trying as many different products and brands as I can. While lots of products have been fun to try, these are the 12 I've been loving the most for awhile and are the ones I've purchased multiple times because they truly do a great job - and I love the way they work for me.

1. Deodorant: Schmidt's Natural. It's easy to find (I get mine at Whole Foods), the price is not too far off from a drugstore deodorant (about $7), and all the scents are so good. Best of all - it seriously works.

2. Deodorant: Agent Nateur holi(stick). This is more of a "luxury" product but this was the first all natural deodorant I ever tried that truly worked. It feels so nice going on, and is a perfect little size to travel with.

3. Face cleanser: Aster & Bay. This stuff smells heavenly and I love that this both cleans and moisturizes my face at the same time. I give my face a good massage while using this oil.

4. Face cleanser: Skin & Bones. Little granules in this cleanser help to gently exfoliate my face but never in a harsh or drying way. I think the black glass packaging is so chic too.

5. Body lotion: Manready Mercantile. This has a light masculine, woodsy scent and my skin drinks it up - I use this all over after my shower or before I go to bed.

6. Body oil: Apoterra. I use this all over body oil when my skin is extra dry - perfect on my legs and arms.

7. Toner: Palermo. I spritz this on after washing my face, but before moisturizing. It just feels really refreshing and I feel like it perks up my skin a bit.

8. For a natural pop of color: Olio e Osso. I rub a dab of this straight on my face from the tube - onto both my cheeks as well as my lips for a little natural looking rosiness.

9. Moisturizing spray: Lavett & Chin. I use this sometimes mid day or after work before heading out for the evening to freshen up my face and give it a little sip of moisture. It smells like vacation with it's coconut scent.

10. Lip balm: Tokyo Factory Coconut Lip Treatment. I swear I've tried every lip balm out there - this is the only one I notice a serious difference with when I use regularly, and I'm terrified to realize it's no longer being produced - need recommendations for a new favorite when this is gone!

11. Face moisturizer: Vintners Daughter. This is actually a face oil, but I use it as my daily face moisturizer. Game changer for sure right here. It's expensive - a definite splurge - but I only use a few drops a day, morning and night, and I notice a huge difference if I don't use it for a few days. It keeps my skin looking healthy and feeling smooth, and it's packed full of so many good-for-you nourishing ingredients.

12. Face oil: Tokyo Factory. I use this when I need something a bit heavier, or I'll put this on after using a face mask to let it really sink in.


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