green smoothie muffins

I promise these muffins taste 10000x better than they look. These super clean muffins were inspired by my go-to green smoothie, full of good-for-you ingredients like oats, almond flour, coconut milk, bananas, coconut oil, and the secret weapon, a TON of spinach. These are great when you're trying to get out the door quick and don't have time to whip up anything healthy in the moment. (These are the perfect to whip up before traveling - much cleaner to eat in a car or airplane than a smoothie, no?!) Thanks to the very ripe bananas + low glycemic coconut sugar they're perfectly sweet and much like a good green smoothie - you can't taste the spinach at all.

Mix together:

-1 c oat flour (take one cup regular oats and pulverize in your blender until it becomes flour-like)

-1 1/4 c almond flour

-1/2 c coconut sugar

-2 t baking powder

-1 t cinnamon

-1/2 t salt

Set aside then use the blender to mix together:

-1/2 c almond or coconut milk

-2 packed cups spinach (yes it looks like A LOT - it is! but it'll blend in just fine!)

Blend the above together first so it's completely smooth then add and mix in:

-1/4 c coconut oil

-2 large ripe bananas

-2 eggs

-1 t vanilla

Pour wet mixture into dry, combine really well, then pour into muffin tins and bake for 20 minutes at 375 degrees.

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