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{a weekly(ish) roundup of some current favorite things}

style : I've been stalking a few items beautiful on the Real Real, it's currently a favorite spot of mine to do some great online shopping, and in reference to the next point below - if I'm buying less in quantity, when I do buy, I'm going for the best in quality.

home : We watched a great Netflix documentary last week called Minimalism, and it's affected me in 2 ways already - I've been on a bit of a house purge (kitchen cabinets, office supplies, the never worn tees in the back of my dresser drawers...) as well as noticed that several times in stores now I've actually put down a few items I had intended to buy. In addition to reading this interesting and slightly sickening article, I am going to continue to try hard to bring fewer items into my life / home. Less stuff = less stress.

beauty : This is a great article about doing a 'beauty detox.' I recently happened to do my own nail polish 'detox' after realizing I hadn't seen my bare toe nails in far too long. Good to let those guys breathe once in awhile!

food : I love my handheld spiralizer but find I can only use it for small squashes and zucchinis, so I bought this electric one recently to be able to zoodle up my favorite larger veggies, and despite the mixed reviews and a rough first try at it, I'm slowly getting the hang of it.

travel : I'm soon checking off a major bucket list item - a weeklong yoga / wellness retreat in Tulum in February! I'm staying at the Papaya Playa Project and couldn't be more excited! If you've been to Tulum I'd love all your recs.

local : I need to schedule some lunch dates soon at Trellis. I sometimes forget about this restaurant gem inside of the Des Moines Botanical Center, but what better place to escape these harsh winter temps than the tropical oasis bubble we have right in the middle of our city? Bonus - they serve a plant-based menu and it switches up every month.

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