chocolate matcha truffles

Last weekend I wanted to whip up a festive but healthy holiday treat. There's enough Christmas cookies and egg nog lattes this time of year to give me a month-long stomachache, so I wanted to come up with something a little more clean, but still tasty. Turns out, a few healthy pantry staples can be whipped up together to turn into a chocolatey, yummy, festive holiday truffle!

All you need:

-1 cup pitted dates (let soak in water for a few hours to soften, then drain)

-1 cup cocoa or cacao powder (I wanted them reeeeal nice and chocolatey)

-2 T almond butter (I used Trader Joes crunchy kind - always double check that your nut butter has just 1 ingredient, and maybe 2 if it has salt added)

-pinch of sea salt

-matcha powder (to add some antioxidants but also makes them extra holiday-ish!)

Mix all together (I used my trusty Vitamix which I fully believe everyone should have). Scrape out the 'dough' into a small bowl and pop in your refrigerator for an hour or so to let the dough firm up. Roll into a ball shape, roll through matcha powder, and top with a sprinkling of sea salt! You can place in the fridge to get super hard but I like mine in the fridge - they get firm on the outside but stay nice and gooey on the inside!

Note - of course matcha is absolutely not necessary here, it just makes them feel very Christmas-y! You can leave them plain and 'naked,' roll in sprinkles, chopped nuts, drizzle with almond butter, whatever you fancy!

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