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{Pictured above is Kate Valentine Spade. Last weekend I got the chance to meet with Kate in person - she's as darling + lovely + cool as you could imagine - and I took the opportunity to ask her 5 questions that I love asking everyone. Many people aren't aware of that fact Kate actually sold her namesake Kate Spade line 10 years ago. She wanted to spend more time with her daughter, but after taking the last decade as a hiatus from designing, she recently launched a fresh new line of shoes and handbags, called Frances Valentine. The new name comes from her brother, dad, grandpa, and great-grandpa all being named Frances, and her maternal grandpas middle name was Valentine. I'd describe the line as a bit of a grown-up Kate Spade (which literally, it is!) - full of a mix of colors, unique materials, quirky prints, yet all completely wearable. You can check out the full collection online or at Von Maur.}

1. My morning routine: I wake up my 12 year old daughter, and get an iced doppio from Starbucks every morning. (Topped off with almond milk at home!)

2. Favorite beauty product: My bathroom is a graveyard of beauty products. My 2 go-to's are La Mer and Cetaphil.

3. Favorite holiday food: Stuffing!

4. Most loved item in my closet: A wool Irish fisherman sweater my dad gave me as a kid - I still wear it to this day!

5. I splurge on all lotions and potions and save on Cetaphil.

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