first place

In the last month, we got engaged, we bought a house, I've travelled to Vegas, Oregon, and NYC, and later this week is a trip to Utah followed by a move! It's all super exciting + overwhelming in the best way ever, and as we pack up to move into our first real home, I wanted to document the first place we ever lived in together. When we first came to check out this space I was unimpressed / not a fan with the dated coral walls + mauve formica countertops, but fell in love with the incredible backyard views and huge oversized patio. We were going to rent so I knew it'd be temporary and to be honest, I was just excited to move in together! Ugly countertops be damned! After we painted a few walls (thanks, nice landlord!), merged and purged a lot of our things, and set up a fire pit in the backyard, we really packed a lot of fun times here in these short 8 months! Looking forward to our first real home, but will always love looking back on our first home sweet rental home.

{pictured above: eames hang it all, apolis bag, miansai harbour backpack}


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