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I've become kind of a nut about what products I use on my face + body after reading how much of the beauty industry isn't regulated, and companies can often get away with adding lots of gross + toxic chemicals into the products we slather all over ourselves. I'm always testing out new all natural products + gadgets I come across, and these are my current loves.

1. Skin Savior - multi-tasking wonder balm - smells like heaven and can be used as either a face cleanser or a moisturizer.

2. Vintner's Daughter - never had I ever heard so much buzz about a face product as this one. With killer reviews by goop, Well + Good, Byrdie, How You Glow, The Coveteur...and so many other of my online beauty bibles, I had to try it. It's by far the priciest face item I've ever purchased but I thought about all the other things I spend money on which I don't use regularly - and how the cost is less than a couple facials (#justified!) - and decided to splurge. To say I'm obsessed is an understatement. As one review said (and the one that really sold it for me)'s "as magical as unicorn tears."

3. Foreo - while I've had this for awhile, I kind of forgot about it until recently and picked it up back. I turn on this little handheld machine and run over my face while I have cleanser or face moisturizer on and feel like it really helps wake up my skin and get it more glowy.

4. Dry brush - I've recently become a daily dry brusher after reading about all the benefits. It helps get your lymphatic system moving, smoothes your skin, gets blood flowing, and more. I use it before I hop in the shower - and if nothing else it's made my skin softer + smoother all around.

5. Agent Nateur - I LOVE this deodorant. Tried it a few months ago after finding it in Austin at darling boutique JM Dry Goods, and the fact that it said on the back of the box 'natural enough to eat, but we don't recommend eating deodorant!' sold me instantly. I love the smell, the way it makes me feel, and the beautiful simple packaging.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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